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Heald College-Stockton

Stockton, CA

  • 2-year, Private (for-profit)
  • 158 Freshman Class
  • $29,640 (in-state), $29,640 (out-of-state)
  • 1,665 Total Students

View our Heald College-Stockton information and statistics about Heald College-Stockton admissions, the Heald College-Stockton campus. We also have detailed Heald College-Stockton reviews to help you get some inside knowledge of the school.

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Heald College-Stockton Student Body

Average Freshman Class Size:
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Heald College-Stockton Campus Life

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Heald College-Stockton Admissions

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Average GPA:
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Heald College-Stockton Academics

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Heald College-Stockton Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance
$29,640 / $29,640



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Heald College-Stockton Contact Information

1605 E March Ln
Stockton,CA 95210
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S. C.
A. T.
January 29, 2010

What do you wish you had known before you came to this school?I wish I had known about it and how easy it was to get into sooner, its been the best college I have gone to.,What kind of person shouldn’t attend this school?The type of person that should not attend this school is one how is not serious about school or just looking to bs around, its intended for those looking to start their career.

S. C.
R. B.
January 14, 2010

Describe your classmates in one sentence.My fellow classmates have come from many walks of life and have pulled together to create a classroom environment that helps fellow students achieve their academic goals and form a very close nit bond; resulting in the foundation needed for the workforce and any situation that teamwork and problem solving skills that are needed to be successful in and outside of school.,What’s unique about your school compared to other schools you considered?At Heald College, I was intrigued by the small class sizes, flexible class schedules, and the additional resources available after class hours and on Saturdays for stucents to get one on one help if needed, and computer access for research for homework assignments. Other schools in my area that I inquired about did not seem to cater to the students needs like Heald College does. I feel that with determination and focus I will be ready for the job market much sooner at Heald College than any other institution that was available to me.

S. C.
D. M.
January 12, 2010

What do you consider the best thing about your school? Why?I think the instructors are the best thing at my school.  Their knowledge and expertice as well as their own life experiences that they can share with the students really helps the students understand first hand what is expected of someone in that line of work. They also really care about the success of their students and want them to succeed. I have been very lucky to have soem really great instructors during my time so far at the campus at Heald College Stockton campus.,What kind of person should attend this school?Someone who is dedicated and committed to their education. The instructors are great and have so much knowledge in their area of expertice to offer to the students, but because classes are only twice a week it is up to the student to follow through with the reading and research for hoework and projects. If your not serious about your future don’t bother.

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